Blackhawk tactical flashlight review : legacy l2a2 handheld


Blackhawk tactical flashlight is founded by an industry leader, the Navy Seal Mike Noell in 1993. He is providing the durable and reliable tools for the battle innovation. All, belonging to different walk of life, Citizens, Military or Law enforcement, whether Security, they all trust BlackHawk. If you are looking for tools and accessories, then Hawk will definitely impress you.

It’s body is made of hard coat anodized aluminum finish. Blackhawk flashlight design is rocky and the light it gives is very bright. You can activate your preferred setting by selecting the rotating selector switch. It is compatible with other rechargeable battery, which has the pluses to save your money as well as its easy availability everywhere.

The battery can be installed by unscrewing the tail cap. The tail cap starting point is between the nameplate and selection ring, the flashlight’s last two inches. Speaking in a nutshell, this flashlight is the brightest one with 200 lumens output and it has enclosed a variety of features like sturdy design, high quality, designed by Hawk specialist, approved by citizens, military personnel’s, security guard, law enforcement and many more.

Blackhawk Legacy Handheld L2A2 Tactical Flashlight ReviewSpecifications of Blackhawk Legacy Handheld L2A2 Tactical Flashlight

  • Hard anodized aluminum body finish
  • Momentaneous button power switch
  • Reflector length of 1 inch
  • Reflector: Multi-faced reflector
  • Setting: 15 lumens, 100 lumens and 200 lumens
  • Rotating switch: multiple position safety off, strobe, Low, medium and high switch mode

Blackhawk tactical flashlight legacy unique features

  • For weapon mount potentiality, it has 1 inch diameter body
  • It is compatible with the Rail mount offset flashlight
  • It has ANSI FL1 standard
  • High output CREE XM-L LED


This flashlight is fantastic and got it right. Instead of whole room illumination, you can adjust it on the lowest setting, if you want to close in work. The consequences of low setting increase the battery life. I like its compatibility with rechargeable which, as compared to Alkaline AAs, are in low voltage. But, the AAs pair is long lasting and can be found easily everywhere. The off switch, which is zero power level setting, is the great feature and on/off function is locked by it. This flashlight has sturdy nature, as the battery and the flashlight didn’t damage, once on dropping. I didn’t give it a chance to rest, as picked it up, using it continuously. I am lucky enough to have a flashlight of my search.

It is the best one I’ve it and I like it. One has gifted to me by my friend almost 2 years before. The big plus is that, it uses standard AAs batteries which could be found easily everywhere. Before, I lost it, I was using it regularly. I’m planning to have a new one very soon.

Fantabulous light. I have scarcely been disappointed by this flashlight, and this one is no exclusion. It has a strobe mode and power setting, which is easily changeable. One hand operate-able after some rest of your thumb and rotating switch. It is similar to, but a bit longer than Gladius.

Superb! This light is amazing. It is fantastic for home and other uses.

Freaking awing flashlight. I bought it, as I have two reasons behind it, to train my dog in the afternoon when it spreading dark and I’ll be able to carry on my back. It is well made and not heavy. The extra bonus which I got, can get a rail attachment to mount it on my rifle.

It has a amazing review on amazon and Personally, i will love it because of it very reasonable price.


It’s a super and pretty much item for any individual. We expect you are going to applaud the Blackhawk Legacy flashlight, once you have it. Because it is designed by the Blackhawk’s specialist, using the most important accessible design and components. It is so designed to last for a very long time. It is the verification of Blackhawk’s dedication in making you sure, that you have the item you want to boom in literally any situation. With such a high quality, Hawk designed and with this reasonable price, you must have one for sure. It is enough for the Hawk Legacy that it has a strong feedback from all the verified customers of Amazon.