TerraLUX TT-5 Flashlight Review Dual Button Tail Switch


TerraLUX TT-5 Flashlight Review Dual Button Tail Switch Stealth GreyThe TerraLUX TT-5 Dual Button Tactical Flashlight is developed quite impressive with the tactical applications of self-defense in mind. Its dual button tail switch, multiple battery option and instant strobe access features combined with its superior illumination to make it suitable for various tactical uses. The TerraLUx TT-5 is of a unique type, as it is of a tactical sort developed for self-defense purpose. The characteristics which make the TerraLUX unique is its capabilities to withstand with most rugged settings and conditions, reliability and professional features. TerraLUX TT-5 Flashlight Review : Multi Mode W Direct Access Strobe, Stealth Grey, LED 2CR123/1-18650 Tactical – 650 Lumens.

You can feel the quality by picking up the 6061 CNC machined aluminum body of TerraLUX TT-5 for the first time. The machine work’s precision and quality are quite attractive, with perfectly smooth thread and enough texturing grip.

The TerraLUX TT-5 flashlight is quite easy to manipulate and the light is more powerful. At 650 Lumens, it has a runtime of 2.2 hours, proceeds 295 hours at a lower brightness of 10 Lumens. It has 3 lighting and 1 flashing mode. It has a range of 557 feet. New circuits are designed for long run time and high brightness. The dual button tail is designed in order to one handed quick operation.

Multi Mode W Direct Access Strobe TerraLUX TT-5 Dual Button Tactical Flashlight Review Tail SwitchThis Tactical flashlight uses the LED. Instead of LEDs, Xenon and incandescent are also used which has its own advantages. The proper measuring of its brightness is in Lumens.

Due to its huge brightness, every minor detail can be seen easily. The intensity of its brightness is so high that even can temporarily blind a person upon shining.

Specification of TerraLUX TT-5 Flashlight Review

  • Multi-Mode W Direct Access Strobe
  • Color: Stealth grey
  • Beam range: 557 foot
  • Water- proof: 2 meter underwater
  • 3 lighting and 1 flashing mode
  • 650 lumens: runtime 2.2 hour
  • 150 lumens: runtime 7.3 hour
  • 10 lumens: runtime 295 hour
  • Designed new circuits for long runtime and high brightness
  • Dual button tail switch: For quick handling and one hand operation
  • Rapid access to strobes from any mode
  • Battery: 18650 or CR123
  • Dimensions: 5.8” L
  • Lamp: LED
  • Focus type: Fixed
  • Material: anodized aluminum
  • Protected reverse polarity
  • Ultra-clear glass lens of high strength
  • Weight: 5.9 oz with battery
  • Separable stainless steel strike bezel
  • 2 year warranty
  • Product: Chaina

Some Basic uses of TerraLUX TT-5 Dual Button Tail Switch Tactical Flashlight

The tactical flashlight can be used for a variety of applications. Its anodized aluminum shape as well as intensified light, both are used as a self- defensive tools. The both dominant combinations will give you enough strength to fight a successful fight.

  1. It’s the nature of human that darkness is not suited to almost everyone temper’s. If you have a flashlight with you in the dark, then you will feel a piece of mind.
  2. The emergency situation may happen at any time, in such condition if your voice is not audible, you can have the benefit of your flashlight.
  3. Some time you may lose things behind the bed, in the kitchen, under the desk, etc., now you can find out the off-track stuffs with your tactical flashlight.

TerraLUX TT-5 Flashlight Review LED 2CR123/1-18650 Tactical Dual Button Tail SwitchCustomer Reviews

I had decided to not have any other flashlight as I’ve many over the year and my desk was too cluttered with it. But by some means I slipped on this item as it was on the sale, and decided to have it. When I pick it, I feel its sturdy touch and without clatter. It suits me well for my outdoor searching with its high power and I’m quite glad to have it.

Pros and Cons of TerraLUX Tactical Flashlight


  • The LED bulbs used are not made of glass, so it is not easily breakable when dropped. Resistant to temperature, humidity with lifespan 50000 hours and low power consumption.
  • The aluminum has many distinction among other metal due to its lightweight, non-corrosive nature and inert to compass needle. Anodized aluminum make this flashlight distinctive.
  • Lovely beam color without any ring and speckle.
  • The power of 650 lumens delivers a crisp clear beam with a range of 557 foot.
  • Its feather touch and click on ability condition is quite heart touching.
  • Packed in holster
  • For weapon light mount and pressure switch an option is there.


  • Has no ability to turn on the previous lumen setting.


You will find critics to every products, some will claim about the size and other about the price. Contrary if you look at the TerraLUX TT-5, its common features, customer reviews and its other unique funtionality, it will not be difficult to concluded, that it is the best product. If you put the TerraLUX TT-5 through some heavy duty test, you will found only minor concern that it become hot after a long time. If you are looking for a heavy duty flashlight, you will not find it other than TerraLUX TT-5. Its price is quite reasonable comparable to the features you are getting from it.