Best Tactical Flashlight Review Buying Guide 2016

Standard flashlights are useful but if you are an outdoorsman, a tactical flashlight is the better choice. Tactical flashlights emit powerful light yet are often small and lightweight. They are durable and can withstand the most rugged use. Tactical flashlights are a necessity for hunters, campers, hikers and survivalist. They also benefit anyone who needs to simply find things in the dark, navigate their way through a power outage or need one for self defense.

What is a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight that is made for tactical goals in situations such as warfare. They are small, durable and emit powerful light. Firemen, police officers and military men and women use tactical flashlights in their lines of work. Other people who often use tactical flashlights include survivalists, hunters, hikers and campers.

Tactical flashlights can be used for a variety of reasons. They are great for finding lost things in the dark but also as a self defense weapon. Tactical flashlights are durable and can be used to break a window or hit an attacker. The powerful light emitted by these flashlights can light up a parking lot or dark alley or it can startle and “blind” an attacker.

Firemen attach tactical flashlights to their helmets to light their way through a smoky scene. Police officers use these flashlights to look for suspects. The military uses these during operations because the flashlights are powerful and durable.

Other uses for tactical flashlights include hunting, camping or hiking. Hunters can attach some tactical flashlights to their rifles. Campers and hunters benefit by the powerful light, small size and durability of a tactical flashlight.

Best Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide 2016

You should consider few things before buying tactical flashlight. Like power of flashlight, durability, size, power source, waterproof, cost and functionality of flashlights.

How to select the best tactical flashlights

There are several factors that should be considered when choosing the best tactical flashlight for your particular needs.

Power of flash Light:

The amount of light emitted by the flashlight is an important consideration no matter what it is to be used for. As a powerful light source, the flashlight should be able to do almost anything including:

  • finding lost keys.
  • finding your way in a power outage.
  • hunting.
  • camping.
  • self defense.
  • saving lives.
  • and lot more..

Light output is measured in Lumens. The higher the Lumen number means the more powerful the light emitted will be.

The beam distance is measured in meters and measures the intensity the beam reaches.

The peak beam intensity is measured in Candela and measures the brightest point in the

Finally, the run time is the time it takes to get to 10% light capacity of the initial light output.
Most tactical flashlights have an LED bulb. LED lights emit a powerful light yet can be housed in a small casing. They also use less energy. LED lights can run for 5 years with continuous use. Other light sources used in tactical flashlights include incandescent bulbs or xenon.

Flashlight Durability:

A second factor to consider in a tactical flashlight is its durability. Tactical flashlights are typically made with airplane grade aluminum with an adonized finish. This makes the flashlight extremely durable so that it can withstand rugged use. Tactical flashlights are most often measured in impact resistance. The measurement is the height the flashlight can be dropped on to concrete and still work.

Size Of Flashlight:

A third consideration when purchasing a tactical flashlight is its size. Tactical flashlights can emit powerful light without being bulky or large. Many tactical flashlights are small and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or a purse. For everyday use, self defense and law enforcement, this is a great consideration. Hikers and campers will also benefit from the small size and light weight. But Hunters may be more concerned with the ability for these flashlights to fit onto their rifles. Many have clamps designed just for that.

Power Source:

A fourth consideration is the tactical flashlight’s power source. It is important to know if the flashlight has a rechargeable battery or uses disposable batteries. Also a point to consider is whether the flashlight uses a special battery or a standard battery. It may be more costly and inconvenient to replace a battery that is specific to the flashlight and may not easily be found except through the company that makes the flashlight.

Waterproof Flashlight:

A fifth consideration of a tactical flashlight is its level of water resistance. Most of these flashlights are waterproof as they are made for rugged use. Water resistance is rate din 3 levels in tactical flashlights. The first level is IPX4. This lowest level considers the ability of the flashlight to withstand splashing water. The second level is IPX7. This level is determined if the flashlight can withstand being submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and still work well. The third and highest waterproof rating is IPX8. This rating is determined if the flashlight can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 4 hours and still work. Obviously the higher the rating the better the flashlight’s durability. If you are using the flashlight for rugged use such as hunting, hiking or survivalist trials, a higher rated waterproof flashlight is the better one as it will withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Cost of Flashlight:

A final factor to consider is the flashlight’s cost. There are many good quality tactical flashlights available at affordable prices. It would be difficult to find a tactical flashlight that does not at least cost $25 to $30. Better flashlights will cost more. If you are willing to invest more money, there are good, quality tactical flashlights that are still available for an affordable price.

What are the most important functions of a tactical flashlight?

Tactical flashlights have several important functions. They are great for everyday use. The small size and powerful light are much more useful than a standard flashlight. Tactical flashlights are good for self defense because they can be used to identify a threat, disorient an attacker or be used as a weapon. Because of their power and durability tactical flashlights are useful for outdoorsmen. They can withstand water and hard use. They can typically survive even if dropped onto concrete. The fact that the military, many police officers and firemen regularly use tactical flashlights is a testament to their importance for a convenient, quality light source.

Top 10 Best Tactical Flashlights in the market:

Selecting best tactical flashlight is not an easy task. Before buying your flashlight you have to consider lot few things. We describe that above. So, considering above criteria here is top 10 tactical flashlight in the market.

1. TerraLUX TT-5 Dual Button Tail Switch Tactical Flashlight

TerraLux’s TT-5 is a good tactical flashlight for outdoorshunters man. It mounts to a rifle so it is a good flashlight for a hunter. It is battery powered and emits a powerful light. Simple to use yet featuring multiple modes, it has2 buttons. One large button is the main one and a smaller button can be adjusted to create a more powerful light. It also has a strobe light and the tactical ring can be removed and replaced. It is 5 7/8 inches long and the battery life is good. Available at a good price, it is good for outdoorsmen and police officers.

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2. Surefire P2X Fury Defender LED

Surefire’s P2X Fury Defender has an LED light that emits a focused beam. The beam is smooth and broad. It’s duel setting takes the light from a low to high level. It is easy to use with just a click of the tail switch. A “lockout” feature in the tail rotates so the light does not accidentally turn off. This flashlight is very durable. It is made with airplane grade aluminum and adonized coating to protect it when used in rugged situations. The lens has a coated, tempered window to protect it from impact and thermal shock. It is available for a very reasonable price.

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3. Streamlight 69140 Vantage LED Tactical Helmet Mounted Flashlight

This LED tactical flashlight has a durable casing and a protected lens. The on/off switch is
conveniently located in the rear of the flashlight and can be activated with gloves on. It comes with mounting gear so it is a great choice for hunters and is often used by fireman to attach to their helmets. It does use a non-standard battery but the battery has a long life. It is small and will be less likely to snag on debris. This is a good choice due to its durability, power, versatility and size.

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4. BLACKHAWK Legacy L-2A2 Tactical Handheld Flashlight

The Black Hawk Legacy is a handheld flashlight with a durable aluminum casing and hard adonized protective finish. It gives off powerful light and is an affordable tactical flashlight. It features a multi-position rotating switch that adjusts the light between low, medium, high and strobe. It also has a safety off feature. The power switch is conveniently recessed in this multi-faceted flashlight.

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5. Elzetta High Output Charlie High/Low Tail Cap Flashlight with Crenellated Bezel Ring

Elzetta’s High Output Charlie tactical flashlight is extremely durable. Its high output head gives
off powerful, bright light. It features auto voltage sensing technology to give off the best amount of light for any situation. It is powerful, useful and affordable.


6. Olight M22 Warrior Cree XM-L2 LED Tactical Flashlight

The Olight M22 Warrior XM-L2 tactical flashlight has many valuable features. Its LED light source
has a high amount of Lumens and it has a high efficiency driver circuit for a wide illumination field. It
features a high light modeand a strobe light. The casing is very durable. This flashlight is mountable
and regularly used by law enforcement and security.

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7. Edison Bright Fenix PD35 2015 TAC Tactical Flashlight

Edison Bright’s Fenix flashlight has a high level of Lumens for a powerful light output. It has 5 is
brightness modes including strobe, eco, low, medium, high and turbo for the most powerful ligt.
This flashlight emits a floodlight beam for the best possible light source. It is easy to use with
many useful features. It has a mode switch on the side that changes the light modes by holding it for
3 seconds.The power switch is in the rear, and both the power switch and the mode switch are easy
to find in the dark.

8. Streamlight 69260-TLR-1 Rail Mounted Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight’s 69260-TLR-1 Rail Mounted tactical flashlight is versatile and great for the outdoorsman’s
use. It fits a wide range of weapons and has a durable aluminum casing with a hard adonized coating.
It lens is shock resistant.The light beam emitted is concentrated gives off optimal peripheral light and
a consistent level of illumination.This tactical flashlight has convenient features including an
ambidextrous on/off switch and a onehand snap on feature to mount it. A simple double tap will
activate the strobe.

9.Edison Bright Fenix CREE XP-E2 Tactical Flashlight

The Edison Bright Fenix Cree XP-E2 tactical flashlight emits a soft and a broad beam as well as low,
medium and high outputs of light.A button interface adjusts the light. Its high level of Lumen
maintains constant brightness. And thus, the total reflection lens increases the efficiency of this flashlight.
A slightly recessed switch prevents accidental turn off. The flashlight is very durable and is
waterproof. This flashlight conveniently uses standard AA batteries.

10. Helotex CREE LED Tactical Flashlight

Helotex’s CREE LED tactical flashlight has an adjustable beam. It can be changed from a spot beam
to a broad flood beam. It gives off powerful light with its high Lumen level and has a convex lens.
This flashlight also has a telescoping feature making it perfect for the outdoorsman. Made with
quality durable material, this tactical flashlight is built to last. Its small size and affordable price make
it convenient to carry anywhere.


Whether you are searching for a tactical flashlight for rugged outdoor use, for safety or simply for finding things in the dark. A good tactical flashlight emits an extremely powerful beam, usually through an energy efficient LED light. Tactical flashlights should be extremely durable to withstand rugged use. Waterproof flashlights are also an asset. Many tactical flashlights have valuable features that make them convenient to use including changing the mode of light level and compact size and light weight. There are factors to consider when choosing the best tactical flashlights for your needs including durability, brightness, battery type and size. Whatever the needs, a good, quality tactical flashlight would be an asset.